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In order to offer a more professional and personalized service, Ms. Roseline Beausoleil, Ms. Geneviève Théorêt and Ms. Zineb Kouidri have combined their skills and expertise to establish the BTK Lawyers firm.

Located in Rosemère, BTK Lawyers is a firm that provides the best legal expertise by bringing together three highly experienced and qualified lawyers, each specializing in a different branch of the law.

By being highly attentive to your needs and providing quality council, our professionals are able to offer effective solutions so that your rights can be protected. Gain access to the kind of support and the qualified assistance you need to get the most satisfactory results. Get the best legal advice, service and representation possible by taking advantage of the expertise, background and experience that the professionals at BTK Lawyers provide. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing that your case is being handled by professionals on whom you can rely.

Ms. Théorêt, Ms. Kouidri and Ms. Beausoleil consider it their duty to offer personalized services in an atmosphere of trust and respect. By offering clients high quality, accessible legal services, the BTK Lawyers firm stands apart from the rest. Whatever your situation, our lawyers can provide you with the proper council and expertise to handle any situation.

BTK Lawyers
BTK Lawyers

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442, St Gabriel Suite 100
Montréal, (Québec)
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Fax: (450) 430-2502
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